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Q Tank is a Brisbane based manufacturer of high quality water tanks. Q Tank are one of only a few tank manufacturers that are Certified to the Australian Tank Standard AS4766:2006. Being a Certified manufacturer, Q Tank are independently audited to ensure their manufacturing processes and material suppliers all comply with the standards required which ensures a very transparent and traceable quality process. We actually do what we say we do.

Q Tank lead the way in quality tanks as they are the only tank manufacturer to test every tank and supply it with a full written 'Quality Test Report' with all the test results.

  1. The wall thickness of each tank is measured in 20 locations
  2. An impact test is performed on a cutout section of each tank to ensure the polymer chains are not brittle and have bonded together correctly.
  3. A visual inspection is also performed to ensure there are no abnormalities.

Buying a certified Q Tank ensures you are getting a high quality, well tested product that will last.

Certified Product Australian Standard

Are Your Tanks AS4766 Certified?


Easy tips that YOU can check for...

  • Radius of tank base must be minimum of 25mm for diameter of 1.8m, tanks over 1.8m diameter radius must be minimum 38mm
  • Installation guide must be supplied with every tank
  • Tank serial number to be marked on every tank

Still not sure? Ask your supplier for...

  • FEA reports of approved mould design for structural strength
  • Ultrasonic thickness test results - should not be less than 4.5mm thick, or as per FEA requirements
  • Impact Test Results
  • Polyethylene material used is certified to AS4020 (drinking water) & AS2070 (food grade)

Q Tank do all of the above plus more...

We supply you with all the results... Every tank is tested and comes supplied with a written 'quality test report'.

38mm radius

Mandatory 38mm radius

Small radius

Inferior radius design