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Installing your water tank

Q Tanks rainwater tanks are easy to install - you can save money and install your water tank yourself if your tank is not going to be connected to your home's internal plumbing.

Q Tank's drivers do not install and plumb water tanks - just ask us if you would like the contact details of some recommended installers.

Please install your water tank according to Q Tank's installation guidelines to ensure it qualifies for Q Tank's 10 year guarantee.


What type of base does my tank need to sit on?


A Q Tank needs to be positioned on a level, stable, compacted surface, without any sharp objects such as stones. You do not need to have a watertank stand. Some types of suitable bases:

  • level crusher dust or bedding sand in a pine sleeper frame
  • concrete slab (level and reinforced)
  • water tank stand with a hardwood deck (gaps no more than 2" between each board)

The diameter of the rainwater tank base needs to be approximately 30cm wider than the tank.


Can I install my tank myself?


If you are not connecting your tank to your home's plumbing, you can install it yourself. Installing a rainwater tank is easy. Follow Q Tank's installation guide to ensure your tank is installed to meet the conditions of our 10 year warranty.

However, if you want to use your tank water within your home, for example to flush toilets or washing clothes, it must be connected to your home's plumbing by a licensed plumber.


Does my tank need a mains connection kit?


If you are planning to use tank water in your home, your local council may require a mains connection kit to be installed. This means that if the level of your watertank gets low, the tank will be topped up automatically from your local town water supply. Ask your installer for a mains connection kit.


Do I need to connect my watertank's overflow to stormwater drainage?


No - you can have your overflow run off onto an area underneath your tank covered with rocks that weaken and disperse the water's flow.


Can additional inlets or overflows be installed?


Yes - using standard wood-working tools, alternative inlets or overflows can be added to your Q Tank.