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Q Tank Free Inclusions

Every standard Q Tank comes with these components

Thread tape

Thread Tape

Hi grade thread tape is supplied for connecting the Lockable Tap and Ball Valve to your tank.

Tank Water In Use sign

Tank Water In Use sign

Q Tank sign for your fence so you don't get any nasty looks from neighbors when they see you enjoying your water.

1 x Tap to suit garden hose

Garden hose Tap

Lockable hose fitting is supplied and offer great flexibility for water use. Being 50cm up from the bottom of the tank you can fill a bucket, wash your hands easily.

1 x 1" Ball Valve

1" Ball Valve

A ball valve is perfect for connecting before a pump as it can be shut off to stop water from escaping the tank. Only watermarked Ball valves are supplied to ensure quality standards.

Hi Flow Overflow

Hi Flow Overflow w/mesh

A 90mm high flow overflow outlet is supplied which allows for maximum water capacity in your tank. An overflow mesh is also included to avoid any nasties from entering the tank through the overflow pipe.

Brass water outlets

2x 1" Brass water outlets

All tanks have minimum of 2 outlets which offer great flexibility with bucket height tap outlet and for connecting your tank to a pump.

500mm Leaf Strainer

500mm Leaf Strainer

All round and 5000L Slimline Tanks come with a 500mm Inlet Strainer which offers easier access than most tanks for when cleaning is required. All Strainers have 1mm stainless steel mesh to QLD regulations.


2500L Slimline comes with 2 x 400mm Inlet Strainers; 3000L Slimline comes with 1 x 400mm Inlet Strainer

The inclusions for Q Tank's rural tanks (those above 10,000 litres in capacity) can be viewed on the Rural Tank Inclusions page.