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Safety and Hygiene

I have children - is a Q Tank Water Tank safe to have around my home?


A Q Tank is safe to install in any outdoor area where children are:

  • Unlike other types of rainwater tanks, our tanks have no metal edges which may be sharp.
  • Q Tanks are difficult to climb.
  • Leaving a recommended minimum amount of 25mm of water in a Q Tank means they are very difficult to tip over.
  • The design of the insert in the top of each watertank can accommodate the weight of an adult - reducing the risk of people falling into the tank.

Can vermin get into a Q Tank?


The inlet strainer and overflow outlet on your Q Tank is to Queensland Regulation Standards and is designed to keep vermin such as insects and small animals from entering the tank. Being manufactured and delivered in one solid piece means less openings for vermin to enter through.


Will algae grow in a Q Tank?


Algae only grows in rainwater tanks when enough light enters. There are products such as a Leaf & Light Guards available that will minimise the amount of light entering the water tank, and reduce the rate of algae growth.


Is water from a Q Tank safe to drink?


Q Tanks are made of tough, food-grade polyethylene which safely stores water for drinking, and leaves no taste.

It is safe to collect water from most types of roof, including steel (Colourbond, Zincalume), tiles (clay and concrete) and new-style treated fibro.

You can also increase your peace of mind by installing a Leaf Eater or First Flush System to further purify the water entering your rainwater tank.

The Queensland Government's Environmental Protection Agency advises that the following types of roofs may not be suitable to collect rainwater for drinking from:

  • painted with lead-based paint (including primer)
  • coated with bitumen-based materials
  • with lead flashings or chemically treated timbers
  • parts containing flues from wood burners
  • where outlet pipes from appliances such as air conditioners discharge onto the roof or gutters

Contact us at Q Tank if you have any questions about tank safety and hygiene.