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Superior Design



All Q Tank water tanks are made in Brisbane with a state-of-the-art rotary moulding facility by trained, experienced professionals. Q Tank uses only the finest quality materials and moulds and employs possibly the strictest testing procedures in the Industry.




Q Tank only uses polyethylene that contains UV protection tested specifically for our local climate. Our local climate can be incredibly harsh so we make sure the materials that Q Tank uses contains the right ingredients to make it last.

The properly certified polyethylene used by Q Tank is 100% safe for drinking water, we do not use inferior imported materal from China that may not have been properly tested to strict Australian standards.


Superior Design


Unlike many other rainwater tanks, Q Tanks have been designed specifically with the way you'll use your water in mind.

Our water tanks are produced - and delivered - as one solid piece. Q Tank's rotational moulding process produces strong tanks with no seams or centre poles. The ribbed design or 'belts' of Q Tanks ensure your tank will keep its shape over time, particularly at full capacity.




On each Q Tank, two outlets are provided, offset from each other to make it easier for you to access rainwater from your tank. Having two outlets gives flexibility - for example, you could fit a water filter to the top outlet for accessing drinking water, while running a pump from the lower outlet. Each of Q Tank's outlets are located at heights which make it convenient and comfortable to connect a hose or fill a watering can or bucket. We even supply a tap fitting so you can start using your water sooner.

We are happy to accommodate specific requests the location of outlets on your water tank at no extra cost. Please let us know when ordering.